First Baptist Church of Las Vegas
Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Mormonism Revealed


In January 2008 here at our First Baptist Church we held a teaching series on Mormonism entitled “Mormonism Revealed”. This was a two part series in which the first part focused on the teachings of Mormonism and lasted four months. The second part of this series dealt with the subject of witnessing to the people of the LDS faith and went for about two months. This series was taught by Andy Watson. He has been studying Mormonism for years and the focus of his personal ministry that the Lord has placed on his heart is reaching the Mormon people with the gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible, answering the claims of Mormonism and defending the Christian faith. He has done an enormous amount of personal witnessing with the Mormons because of his love for them and the burden for them that God has placed in his life that they come to know the true Christ.
This teaching series “Mormonism Revealed” will be repeated again here at our church at some time in the future. If you are LDS and have questions or if you are a Christian and would like to learn about Mormonism in hopes of conducting personal witnessing, then we encourage you to plan on attending this class when it starts again at some point in the future. Meanwhile, should you have any questions or concerns regarding anything related to this subject feel free to contact Andy Watson. He’ll be happy to talk with you. May God bless you as you seek to serve Him or as you seek to discover who He is.
Andy Watson’s email address is: